6 Dishes To Make With Leftover Roti


Welcome to the world of delicious and easy-to-make dishes using leftover roti! Let's turn those stale rotis into mouth-watering meals.


Slide 1: Leftover Roti? No problem! Try this quick and easy recipe for Roti Upma. Just crumble the roti, add veggies and spices, and voila!


Slide 2: Want something more filling? How about a Roti Wrap? Stuff it with your favorite veggies, add some sauce, and roll it up for a tasty snack.


Slide 3: Leftover roti can also be transformed into a yummy Roti Pizza. Top it with your favorite toppings and bake it for a crispy and delicious treat.


Slide 4: Craving something spicy? Try this Roti Chaat recipe. Just chop up the roti, add chutneys and spices, and enjoy the burst of flavors.


Slide 5: Want to add some protein to your meal? Make a Roti Omelette by mixing crumbled roti with eggs and veggies. A perfect breakfast option!


Slide 6: Leftover roti can also be used to make a delicious Roti Pulao. Just add some veggies, spices, and rice to the crumbled roti for a flavorful dish.


Slide 7: Want to satisfy your sweet tooth? Make a Roti Pudding by soaking crumbled roti in milk, adding sugar and nuts, and baking it for a delectable dessert.


Slide 8: Leftover roti can also be used to make a Roti Paratha. Just stuff it with your favorite filling, roll it out, and cook it on a pan for a tasty meal.


Slide 9: Don't let leftover roti go to waste. With these 6 easy and delicious recipes, you can turn them into a whole new meal. Happy cooking!