6 Favourite Foods Of Narendra Modi


'Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India, has a diverse palate. Let's take a look at his 6 favourite foods.'


'Slide 1: Dhokla - This Gujarati snack is a staple in Modi's diet. He loves the soft and fluffy texture, and the tangy taste of the chutney.'


'Slide 2: Khichdi - A simple and nutritious dish, khichdi is a comfort food for Modi. He often enjoys it with a side of papad and pickle.'


'Slide 3: Khaman - Another Gujarati delicacy, khaman is a steamed snack made from gram flour. Modi loves the soft and spongy texture, and the hint of sweetness.'


'Slide 4: Poha - This popular breakfast dish is a favourite of Modi. He enjoys the combination of flattened rice, vegetables, and spices.'


'Slide 5: Litti Chokha - A traditional Bihari dish, litti chokha is a must-try for Modi. He loves the smoky flavour of the roasted wheat balls and the spicy mashed potato and eggplant filling.'


'Slide 6: Khichu - Another Gujarati dish, khichu is a steamed rice flour snack. Modi enjoys the soft and chewy texture, and the spicy and tangy flavours.'


'Slide 7: Masala Chai - No list of Modi's favourite foods is complete without mentioning masala chai. He loves the strong and aromatic tea, and often enjoys it with a side of biscuits.'


'Slide 8: Khandvi - This Gujarati snack is a favourite of Modi's wife, but he also enjoys it. The soft and silky texture and the tangy and spicy flavours make it a perfect snack.'


'Slide 9: Jalebi - A popular Indian dessert, jalebi is a favourite of Modi. He loves the crispy and sweet swirls, and often enjoys it with a glass of milk.'