7 High Fibre Vegetables To Add In Your Diet


Welcome to the world of high fibre vegetables! These nutrient-packed veggies are a must-add to your diet for a healthier you.


Slide 1: Broccoli - This green powerhouse is not only high in fibre, but also loaded with vitamins and minerals. Add it to your stir-fries or salads.


Slide 2: Spinach - This leafy green is not just for Popeye! It's also a great source of fibre and can be added to smoothies, omelettes, or soups.


Slide 3: Carrots - These crunchy veggies are not just good for your eyes, but also for your gut. Enjoy them raw, roasted, or in a hearty soup.


Slide 4: Brussels Sprouts - These mini cabbages may not be everyone's favorite, but they are packed with fibre and can be roasted, sautéed, or added to a stir-fry.


Slide 5: Sweet Potatoes - These delicious root vegetables are not only high in fibre, but also rich in antioxidants. Bake them, mash them, or add them to your salads.


Slide 6: Artichokes - These spiky vegetables may look intimidating, but they are a great source of fibre and can be steamed, grilled, or added to dips.


Slide 7: Peas - These tiny green gems are not just for kids! They are also high in fibre and can be added to soups, stews, or even as a side dish.


Slide 8: Cauliflower - This versatile vegetable is not only low in calories, but also high in fibre. Enjoy it roasted, mashed, or as a substitute for rice or pizza crust.


Slide 9: So there you have it, 7 high fibre vegetables to add to your diet for a healthier and happier you. So go ahead and start incorporating these veggies into your meals today!