Amritsari Kulcha For A Rich And Heavenly Breakfast


Welcome to the world of Amritsari Kulcha, a breakfast dish that will take your taste buds on a heavenly journey.


Made with a rich filling of mashed potatoes, onions, and spices, this dish is a staple in the streets of Amritsar.


The dough is made with a special blend of flour and yogurt, giving it a soft and fluffy texture that will melt in your mouth.


The kulcha is then cooked in a tandoor, giving it a crispy exterior and a smoky flavor that will leave you craving for more.


But what makes Amritsari Kulcha truly special is the generous amount of butter that is spread on top, giving it a rich and indulgent taste.


Pair it with a side of tangy and spicy chole (chickpea curry) and you have a perfect breakfast that will keep you energized for the day.


Don't forget to top it off with a dollop of creamy yogurt and a sprinkle of chaat masala for an explosion of flavors in every bite.


Whether you're a vegetarian or a meat lover, Amritsari Kulcha has something for everyone. You can choose from a variety of fillings like paneer, chicken, or even keema (minced meat).


So next time you're in Amritsar, don't miss out on this iconic dish that has been satisfying hungry stomachs for generations.


And for those who can't make it to Amritsar, don't worry. You can now find Amritsari Kulcha in many cities around the world, bringing a taste of Punjab to your breakfast table.