Chettinad Delight: No-Fermentation Vellai Paniyaram


Welcome to the world of Chettinad Delight! Get ready to indulge in the mouth-watering flavors of No-Fermentation Vellai Paniyaram.


Discover the secret behind the perfect texture and taste of this traditional South Indian snack. It's easier than you think!


Start by soaking rice and urad dal for 4 hours. Grind them into a smooth batter. Add salt, grated coconut, and chopped onions to the batter.


Heat a paniyaram pan and add a few drops of oil in each cavity. Pour the batter into the cavities and let it cook on medium flame.


Once the edges turn golden brown, flip the paniyarams and let them cook on the other side. The aroma of the coconut and onions will make your mouth water.


Serve hot with a side of spicy chutney or sambar. The crispy exterior and soft, fluffy interior will leave you craving for more.


Don't worry if you don't have a paniyaram pan. You can also make these in a regular appe pan or even a muffin tray.


Impress your friends and family with this unique and delicious snack. They won't believe that it's made without any fermentation.


No-Fermentation Vellai Paniyaram is perfect for breakfast, evening snack, or even as a party appetizer. It's versatile and always a crowd-pleaser.


So what are you waiting for? Try this Chettinad Delight today and experience the authentic flavors of South India in every bite. Happy cooking!