Cornstarch To Sattu: 10 Substitute Of Gram Flour For Your Need


Welcome to the world of substitutes! Let's explore 10 alternatives to gram flour for all your cooking needs. #CornstarchToSattu


Cornstarch: A versatile option for thickening sauces, gravies, and soups. It's gluten-free and adds a glossy finish to dishes. #CornstarchToSattu


Almond Flour: A protein-packed substitute for gram flour. Use it in baking or as a coating for fried foods. #CornstarchToSattu


Coconut Flour: Low in carbs and high in fiber, this flour is perfect for gluten-free baking and thickening sauces. #CornstarchToSattu


Chickpea Flour: Similar to gram flour, this option is great for making pakoras, fritters, and flatbreads. #CornstarchToSattu


Cassava Flour: A grain-free and nut-free alternative to gram flour. Use it in baking or as a thickener for stews and sauces. #CornstarchToSattu


Arrowroot Flour: A gluten-free and paleo-friendly option for thickening sauces and gravies. It also adds a glossy finish to dishes. #CornstarchToSattu


Potato Starch: A great substitute for gram flour in baking and frying. It adds a crispy texture to dishes. #CornstarchToSattu


Rice Flour: A gluten-free option for making flatbreads, batters, and thickening sauces. It's also a great coating for fried foods. #CornstarchToSattu


Sattu Flour: Made from roasted chickpeas, this flour is a perfect substitute for gram flour in savory dishes. It's also high in protein and fiber. #CornstarchToSattu