Dahi Vada: A Cool And Savoury Indian Snack


Dahi Vada is a popular Indian snack made with lentil fritters soaked in yogurt and topped with tangy chutneys and spices.


The crispy vadas and creamy yogurt make for a perfect combination of textures and flavors.


This refreshing snack is a must-try for anyone looking to experience the authentic taste of India.


To make dahi vada, soak lentils overnight, grind into a batter, and fry into fritters.


Once the vadas are cooked, soak them in a bowl of beaten yogurt for a few hours to absorb the flavors.


Top with tamarind and mint chutneys, cumin powder, and chaat masala for a burst of flavors in every bite.


Dahi vada is not only delicious but also a healthy snack, as lentils are a good source of protein and yogurt aids in digestion.


It is a popular street food in India, but you can easily make it at home with a few simple ingredients.


Serve dahi vada chilled for a refreshing and satisfying snack on a hot summer day.


Experience the cool and savory flavors of India with dahi vada, a must-try for all food lovers.