East Indian Potato Chops: A Hearty Cutlet Stuffed With Chicken


Welcome to the world of East Indian Potato Chops! A delicious cutlet stuffed with juicy chicken, perfect for any occasion.


First, let's gather our ingredients. Potatoes, chicken, onions, garlic, ginger, and a blend of spices will make this dish a hit.


Boil and mash the potatoes, then mix in the spices. This will be the outer layer of our chop, giving it a crispy and flavorful coating.


Next, let's prepare the filling. Cook the chicken with onions, garlic, and ginger until tender. Add in your favorite spices for an extra kick.


Now comes the fun part. Take a handful of the potato mixture and flatten it in your palm. Place a spoonful of the chicken filling in the center.


Carefully fold the potato mixture over the filling, shaping it into a round cutlet. Repeat until all the mixture and filling is used up.


Heat oil in a pan and fry the chops until golden brown on both sides. The aroma of the spices will fill your kitchen, making your mouth water.


Serve hot with your favorite dipping sauce or chutney. These chops are perfect as an appetizer or a main dish, and are sure to impress your guests.


The combination of the crispy potato coating and the flavorful chicken filling will leave you wanting more. Don't be surprised if they disappear quickly!


Thank you for joining me in making these delicious East Indian Potato Chops. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Happy cooking!