Paruppu Podi: A Savoury Condiment To Eat With Ghee-Rice


Paruppu Podi: A flavourful blend of lentils, spices and herbs, perfect to elevate your ghee-rice experience.


The secret to a delicious Paruppu Podi lies in the perfect balance of roasted lentils, aromatic spices and fresh herbs.


Roasted to perfection, the lentils in Paruppu Podi add a nutty and earthy flavour to the condiment.


The spices in Paruppu Podi not only add a kick of heat but also bring a depth of flavour to the dish.


Freshly ground herbs like curry leaves and coriander leaves give Paruppu Podi a burst of freshness and aroma.


Sprinkle Paruppu Podi on top of hot ghee-rice and watch as the flavours come alive in your mouth.


Not just for ghee-rice, Paruppu Podi can also be enjoyed with idlis, dosas, and even as a seasoning for curries.


With its rich and savoury taste, Paruppu Podi is a must-have in every South Indian household.


Make your own Paruppu Podi at home by following our simple recipe and enjoy the authentic flavours of South India.


Experience the perfect blend of lentils, spices and herbs with Paruppu Podi and take your ghee-rice to the next level.