Selena Gomez To Chris Evans: Favourite Drinks Of 10 Hollywood Celebrities


Selena Gomez loves a good margarita, while Chris Evans prefers a classic old fashioned. Let's take a look at the favorite drinks of 10 Hollywood celebrities.


Jennifer Aniston's go-to drink is a dirty martini, while Ryan Reynolds enjoys a refreshing gin and tonic. These stars know how to unwind with a cocktail.


For Beyoncé, it's all about the champagne. She loves to celebrate with a glass of bubbly, while Justin Timberlake prefers a smooth glass of scotch.


If you're ever at a party with Taylor Swift, make sure to order her favorite drink, a vodka cranberry. And don't forget to cheers with Emma Stone's favorite, a glass of red wine.


Leonardo DiCaprio may be known for his love of the environment, but he also enjoys a good tequila on the rocks. And Margot Robbie can't resist a fruity piña colada.


When it comes to cocktails, George Clooney keeps it simple with a classic tequila sunrise. And Angelina Jolie opts for a sophisticated glass of red wine.


If you're feeling adventurous, try ordering a whiskey sour like Chris Hemsworth. And if you're feeling fancy, take a cue from Rihanna and order a glass of her favorite, a mojito.


For Dwayne Johnson, it's all about the tequila shots. And Jennifer Lawrence loves to kick back with a cold beer.


No matter what your drink of choice may be, these Hollywood celebrities know how to enjoy a good cocktail. Cheers to their favorite drinks and their amazing talents!


So next time you're out at a bar, why not try one of these celebrity-approved drinks? Who knows, you may just find your new favorite. Cheers to the stars and their favorite libations!